The Right Attorney Makes A Difference

If you have been injured, involved in an automotive accident or arrested, our attorney has the experience, knowledge and aggressive nature you need to protect your rights and reach a resolution.

Our office represents clients in Laredo and the surrounding area with injuries and criminal charges.

Our Practice Areas

A Steadfast Attorney For Difficult Times

The Law Office of Silverio Martinez P.C. was founded by our office’s attorney based on one defining principle: Helping individuals in their time of need. With each client he represents, Mr. Martinez strives to show them nothing but compassion, respect and professionalism in moments many could consider to be the toughest of their lives.

In and out of the courtroom, he uses his extensive legal knowledge, communication and aggressive defense strategies to reinforce to his clients that they are in good hands through their criminal charge case or their fight to get compensation for their injuries. Alongside Mr. Martinez, we have an exceptional staff, ready to assist and prepare our clients’ cases for court in a thorough and efficient manner.

Attorney Silverio A. Martinez, Jr.

Attentive, Personalized Strategies And Plans

The first part of our strategy is focusing on you as a person. We always start with an in-depth consultation that allows us to focus on you first and lets both you and our office learn more about the other. We know that all cases are unique, so we focus in on even the most minute of details regarding your legal issue to make sure that absolutely nothing is overlooked. Our dedication to the details shows in our track record, helping you toward a resolution faster.

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