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Why would anyone drink and drive?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Car Accidents

If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 or higher and you are driving, then you are breaking the law in Texas. For most people, it might take two or three drinks to get to this level, but it can also happen after just one drink. Thus, it’s not advisable to drive after consuming any alcohol.

Despite this, people still drink and drive even after they’ve had several drinks. Why is this the case and what makes it so dangerous? Let’s look at two reasons people do it.

Pressure from others

It’s the holiday season, which means lots of nights out and gatherings, which often involve alcohol. A group of friends may want to get home at the end of the night or possibly move on to a nightclub in town. They are having no luck with calling a cab and it’s too late for public transportation. Therefore, they turn to a friend who brought their car. The problem is that the friend has been joining in the festivities with some alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol dependency

Alcohol can be consumed by those who are just out for a good time, but this isn’t always the case. Millions of people in America suffer from some form of alcohol dependency, which means they are no longer drinking for fun. Alcohol could be a part of their daily life. They may feel like they cannot function without it. Unfortunately, alcohol does severely impact a person’s ability to drive appropriately, with reaction times being slowed and judgment being skewed significantly. All of this makes a crash much more likely.

If you have been injured by an impaired driver, then you may be able to hold them accountable. As you think about making a claim, make sure that having legal guidance is a part of the process