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What caused your holiday crash?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Did a holiday car crash put a serious damper on your festive celebrations? If so, even once the holiday season is over, you may be left with some very unwelcome reminders.

There’s a good chance someone else’s celebrations contributed to the crash. Here is why:

Many people drive after drinking

The festive drinking can start early and carry on all day. People may not realize just how much they have drunk because it was spread throughout the day rather than consumed in one sit-down session. They may also fail to realize they may still have alcohol in their system from the night before.

By the time they have to drive home, they may be way over the limit, even if they don’t feel drunk. Even if they are under the limits, any alcohol amount of alcohol will affect their driving.

Many drivers are tired 

Getting the kids dressed and in the car on time to drive a few hours to grandma’s house for lunch is rarely relaxing. Combine that with staying up late to wrap presents or prepare food, and the holidays can be very tiring. The stress and lack of sleep will catch up with everyone at some point and could lead to a driver dozing off at the wheel.

Traffic congestion is higher than normal

The road can be full of people traveling, and some might make dangerous moves to try and make their destination on time for fear of upsetting their hosts by arriving late for lunch. 

The holidays, particularly around Christmas, have a high accident risk. If someone ruined your family’s holiday season by crashing into your vehicle, you will need legal help to hold them accountable and seek the injury compensation you deserve.