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Common causes of nursing home falls

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

Falls are among the most common causes of accidental death and injury in the USA. Sadly, falls are much more likely to be fatal or result in catastrophic injuries for elderly people. 

This means nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable, as they tend to be frail and elderly. Nursing homes have a responsibility to ensure that their facilities are as safe as possible, which includes rescuing slip, trip and fall hazards. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of nursing home falls:

Lack of safety rails 

Safety rails cannot always prevent falls but they certainly help. They also provide a means for a resident to regain their balance should they start to fall over. In a nursing home, they should be fitted throughout the building and at suitable places in the resident’s room as and when required. If an elderly individual falls in the bathroom, they could be left injured and unattended for some time. A safety rail can help prevent this or assist the victim in finding some leverage so that they can at least raise the alarm. 

Cluttered walkways 

Nursing homes can be full of activity during the day. This makes for busy walkways and people crossing paths. Thus, it’s essential that walkways remain clear. A box from a delivery, trailing wire or piece of luggage all have the potential to cause nasty falls. 

Some other factors that are worthy of note include inadequate lighting, poorly maintained floors and unstable furniture. If negligence resulted in you or an elderly relative falling over, you may be entitled to compensation for any harm that has been suffered. Seek legal guidance to gain access to more information.