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Giving Laredo Residents The Strong Defense They Deserve

Calling a criminal charge stressful is an understatement. These charges, even if mild, can have impacts on your life that likely will follow you forever. Being convicted can result in refractions or revocations of your driver’s license, affect your employability for years to come, prevent you from buying or renting property or can put you in jail or prison.

Our staff at the Law Office of Silverio Martinez P.C., know the gravity of these situations and the potential outcomes they have are at the forefront of your mind. Because of this, our team knows that the experience of an attorney, as well as their ability to aggressively and strategically represent you in and out of the courtroom, makes a huge difference. We want you to know that we will use every tool to defend you, protect your rights and get you through these troubled times.

We Challenge A Broad Array Of Criminal Charges

When it comes to the defense of our clients, we have previously defended many clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges. We can understand and adapt to the unique characteristics and complexities of your criminal issues and are prepared to handle cases involving but not limited to:

  • DUI and DWI charges, regardless of if it is your first offense or not and any other charges involving the use of substances behind the wheel
  • Drug charges, including possession and manufacturing
  • Charges for violent crimes like physical assault, battery, domestic violence and child abuse
  • Crimes involving property such as robbery and shoplifting
  • White-collar crimes, including identity theft, fraud and embezzlement

Your Future May Be On The Line. Contact Us To Defend It.

Count on our office to provide you with the knowledge, advocacy and respect you deserve when you are facing criminal charges. Contact our office by completing the following contact form or by calling 956-303-1251. From there, we can schedule a consultation where we can discuss your issues, provide advice and get to work on vigorously defending you.